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The Best Back Walking Massage in Singapore

We provide the unique Back & body walking massage

Well trained and qualified masseuses use feet in several way to knead the tissues on the patients back. The masseuse varies pressure of her/his feet by using props such as bars that help to control the process. This techniques help to correct imbalances in the body and thereby resulted in an improvement in the health of the patient.

What exactly is Back Walking Massage?

It’s basically a barefoot massage performed with the massage therapist holding on to and using overhead wooden/Metal bars to apply pressure to the client’s back or various parts of the body. The technique combines a mix of Asian style back walking from Thailand, Korea, Japan and other parts of the orient with Western relaxation and fits perfectly with our East meets West style of massage. Back & body walking massage can be applied with medium pressure but is meant to be applied as a deep tissue massage. A traditional deep tissue massage uses the method of thumbs and fingers but nothing can really beat a massage using the bare heel, toes and overall foot of the massage therapist. Using the overhead bars as leverage, the therapist applies broad deep strokes across the body with their feet. Receiving a massage of this style is great for those of us who have an active lifestyle or athletes that need that deep muscle, tissue and joint pain relief.

Who is this massage for?

Remember this is better suited for people with deep tissue needs but those requiring even a little more pressure will enjoy the benefits of back and body walking. Our licensed massage professionals will monitor and ensure your desired pressure throughout your session to give you the deep pressure your body desires.

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