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Despite the neck’s strength, its function and flexibility make it vulnerable to injury or strain. Stress on the cervical spine can lead to acute neck pain or long-term, chronic neck pain involving the soft tissue, joints, and discs. Often, neck and shoulder pain accompany one another and can even impair the mobility of the arms and hands.

Neck problems can range from an uncomfortable, stiff neck, to neck sprain, to more serious conditions of whiplash or herniated discs. Many patients believe that a sore neck will resolve itself in time, but proper diagnosis and treatment are key to neck pain relief and a full recovery.

Your neck is comprised of the bones of your upper spine — also called the cervical spine — as well as muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissue. The neck is the first stop on the long train of nerve pathways that eventually end in every area of your body. Within your spine, the spinal cord is the nerve center of your body, connecting your brain to every spot from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. It’s through those first spinal joints in your neck that nerves reach out to other parts of your body.

Neck Pain Symptoms

Like back pain, neck pain can be sharp and shooting or dull and achy. Stiffness and reduced flexibility are common with neck problems, as is limited range of motion that may prevent you from fully turning or tilting your head or lowering your chin to your chest. Pain or numbness may also radiate to the shoulders and arms as a shooting pain, and could even cause weakening or impair fine motor skills.


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      Annietiang's TCM Doctor will determine the cause of your neck pain and apply a custom blend of  TCM medicine, TCM physical therapy, and TCM chiropractic care to speed your recovery and improve neck function. Once Annietiang TCM doctor hears your history and symptoms, he performs a physical examination to determine how to treat neck pain in your individual circumstance. He’ll observe how you move, sit and hold your head. He feels along your cervical spine for muscle tightness that could indicate spasms, or damage to the soft tissue. He does a few range-of-motion tests for further insight into how to get rid of neck pain for you.